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Tourble hearing? or Trouble Understading?

Having the correct hearing aids is the most important tool for yourself, and your provider. Building a solid foundation is the first step in treatment for hearing loss. We provide a full spectrum of treatments for all patients.

Tourble hearing? or Trouble Understading?

Your Hearing is like a Fingerprint, one of a kind!

We recommend hearing aid technology that is best for you, one size does not fit all! Finding the right hearing care professional is more important than finding the right hearing aid. We take the time to provide individual solutions for your specific needs.

Your Hearing is like a Fingerprint, one of a kind!

We follow the “Gold Standard”

Real Ear Measurements (REM) are considered the gold standard in hearing aid fitting and verification, allowing audiologists to determine whether a hearing aid user is receiving the precise level of amplification needed at every frequency to maximize their hearing.

We follow the “Gold Standard”
Speech Audiometry
Speech audiometry involves two different tests: One checks how loud speech needs to be for you to hear it. The other checks how clearly you can understand and distinguish different words when you hear them spoken.
Hearing Aid Sales
We sell, and back, only the products we test and would use ourselves.
Hearing Aid Repairs
We will always do our best to keep your hearing aids up and running. Even if you did not purchase your hearing instruments elsewhere.
Speech in Noise testing
The Speech-in-Noise (SIN) test is a special technique, which allows you to determine a person’s ability to perceive sounds in background noise. It is suitable for both adults and children.
Video Otoscopy
The use of a short, rigid endoscope that uses a video camera to transmit images to a larger screen for magnification. In order to illuminate the ear canal, the scope contains fiber optics that transmit a bright light.
Comprehensive hearing evaluations with objective outcomes
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